Parallels and Lies

Air Date: 11-08-13

Close your eyes and prepare to devour yourself in electronic music that's going to leave you in a state of wanderlust. Parallels and Lies are the Chicago, IL based EDM band that's working full force to change the game.

Forming in 2012, Parallels and Lies consist of founding member and musical mastermind, Chris Johnson (producer, keys) alongside Danielle Harrity (vocals). Together with their live band members Mark Fitzpatrick (drums) and Becka Mckiness (guitar/bass), they create an atmosphere that not only draws you in but catapults you straight into another dimension. With hopes of pushing their fans to follow their dreams, band founder Chris says their overall goal is, "To blind people with lighting and influence a generation of new musicians." Vocalist Danielle adds, "To be an avenue as inspiration for greater things in the world. How can anyone do that better than with music?"

Even though Parallels and Lies has been a band for such a short time, their explosive talent has already landed them slots opening for some of the world's biggest EDM acts like Krewella and SOFI, and even chart-topping industrial rock band Filter. They’ve made an impact with their captivating live performance, a major highlight being the experience of playing a sold out show at Chicago’s House of Blues. Though they are based off of a fallen angel, Parallels and Lies’ second full-length is in full production and the world should expect to get a bursting glimpse of them in the near future.

The band's May 2013 full-length release, Hibernation, was based off the unique concept of a fallen angel. "I thought it was a concept that wasn't truly done yet, and something that adds a new layer and meaning to the songs. It was also a way for us to kinda get out frustrations and, she would essentially be our voice," stated Johnson. Hibernation included collaborations with indie EDM artist Veela, RKTR and kj sawka (drummer of Pendulum) just to name a few. These collaborations make it clear that Parallels and Lies’ diverse sound, artistic vision and workability isn't even near coming to a halt.

With the overwhelmingly positive response to their debut album and entrancing live show, Parallels and Lies are excited for their future now more than ever before. Their second full-length, Destinations, is currently in production and Chris says, "It's a new sound. I think it's more refined and more original. This is a new chapter. People can expect seeing us using more visuals, more shows and we want to start getting much more in tune with our fans, who we call our masterminds." Destinations is set to hit shelves on September 24th, 2013, the band will take to the road for a short tour to bring fans the new tunes in the live setting they’ve come to love.

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