Air Date: 04-07-14

Snowmine:  A couple months ago, we told all of you that we'd be releasing the next album, Dialects, on our own. We explained that we wanted to give you everything on our own terms, and speak to you directly, as we have until now. But, there are a few things one loses when opting out of a record label contract, the most obvious of which being financial backing. Without a bit of cash up front, most bands can't afford to pay for the things that need to get done, to get their fans what they want. Studio recording, printing albums, making music videos, touring with sweet live rigs... These things all cost a lot when there are 5 members.

Most people aren't quite familiar with how their money moves through the music business. They assume that when buying the album at a store, they're making a direct difference for the artist they love. But when you're buying that album, most of the money actually goes to other businesses. In fact, after the label and everyone else working for the band gets paid, the musicians end up with a fraction to share between them (Usually 10-15%). But the paradox is of course, these people working for the artist are helping the music spread in so many ways that the artist can't do on their own. These are necessary costs for exposure, and of course everyone involved needs to put food on their tables, but this certainly doesn't solve the problem of how to survive as an artist without a label.

To remedy this, many artists have taken to fundraisers using platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. But these frustrate us too. Too many caveats and conditions. The fact that an artist might not receive their donations at all if the goal isn't reached, forces them to hassle their fans nonstop until they do or don't reach their milestone. Everything becomes about asking for money, and that's not what this is about. It's about making more music. On top of this, these websites take a 10-15% fee on every donation. We thought there must be a better way, a more customizable one, that could not only protect us, but also guarantee you guys get exactly what you want for the dollars you choose to donate.

So we built our own site. It shares many aspects of the aforementioned fundraising sites... minus the annoying parts. We're using Paypal, which is easy to use and only takes a 3% fee. You can choose to just preorder the album, or another level of donation that will entitle you to specific rewards which increase with awesomeness (check the FAQ) We'll be running this for 90 days. At the end of each day the donation total will update. We have one initial goal, but if this is reached, we have further milestones that will allow us to give you guys even more. At the end, we will personally package everything ourselves, and what came from you-to-us will become what goes from us-to-you.

Much Love,

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