Get Up & Go

Air Date: 04-29-14

Get Up & Go:  When their band of 10 years, Rule 22, came to an end, Tom and Todd decided to start planning their next project. After a few weeks of trying out bass players, they came across Gary (formerly of Cut And Run) and he was a solid fit. Then Todd was called back into service with the Peace Corps to stop the spread of AIDS in Africa. After four days he returned, stating that he'd be able to help more people by playing drums in a punk band. So anyways.

One day the three were tooling around with some new jams when the door got kicked in and Poof! there was white smoke and the sound of super fast ninja kicking. As the smoke cleared we realized that we had ordered a pizza and the delivery driver was out of work actor Jean Claude Van Dam. Right behind him, coincidentally showing up at the same time was Dave Klod to play second guitar. He played "She Lump" on a two string guitar and it was done. The band was then complete. About three hours later we finally decided to tip Van Dam so he'd stop creepin us the hell out and leave. We wrote some songs. Then went into Bombshelter Studio with Dan Precision and recorded for our first release.

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