She Speaks In Tongues

Air Date: 05-09-14

“I’ve had this vision…,” front woman Kate McCandless explains, “it’s been in my head for years and I’m finally getting it out.” Simultaneously frightening and awakening, the vision is one that brings together brave voices of women in rock-and-roll to expose the girl and the woman behind the rock goddess. Inspired by power-rock of the 1970s and the experimental music of today, She Speaks in Tongues(SSIT) is the band that pulls audiences away from the bar and onto their feet.

Kate McCandless channels many voices and spirits on vocals - clad in a shapeless, burlap sack dress, with her looping pedal and one stringed guitar; backed by Chicago performing veterans Daniel Majid (of Chicago’s Panoramic and True) on Bass; Eric Schmidt on Lead Guitar; Adrian Vigliano (of Chicago’s The Clams) on Drums; and Nigel Harsch on Samples.

Download: She Speaks In Tongues

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