Sex Therapy/Jacque Judy

Air Date: 08-23-14

Hailing from Chicago, Sex Therapy is a unique, all original American Rock band that delivers. The Juggernaut behind Sex Therapy is main songwriter, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Cassy Baxter whose prose about love conquered, lost or otherwise, blends effortlessly with the bands tight rhythms.

The Sex Therapy pulse is Jack McClain whose precision percussion rotations and bombastic movements drive Sex Therapy! To help guide the pulse is Stevens Stokes whose bass playing on “Letters to Frank” (album) and guitar leads demonstrate his years of honing 80’s rock guitar and give Sex Therapy a sound that is unique, but yet time-proven. Co-producer and musician Jamie Wagner adds keyboards and covers the bass duties on tour for Sex Therapy.

In 2002 Chicago based country singer/songwriter Jacque Judy formed and founded The Hoyle Brothers.   Judy and The Hoyle Brothers worked tirelessly at starting a weekly happy hour residency at Chicago’s Empty Bottle, which continues to date with a revolving cast of front‐persons, toured the U.S., released 2‐critically acclaimed LP’s (Back to the Door 2004, One More Draw 2006), and appeared on the Grand Old Opry’s plaza stage.  During these early years Judy and the band garnered national attention from both print and radio, recorded performance videos for CMT, and then finally received “Album of the Year” from “Freeform American Roots Radio” (Back to the Door2005)

In late 2006; with the urging of “Real Country” legend Dale Watson, the ever‐restless Judy relocated to Austin, TX where he promptly started performing and recording with a new band under the name, Jack and the Jillted.  Judy and the band started and held a weekly residency at Austin’s last bastion of real country music; Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon until early 2009.  Following the residency’s end, Judy consciously decided to take a break from music.     During his hiatus he never stopped writing or attempting to hone his voice and his songs.  In late 2011, Judy was presented with the opportunity to return to the City he loved; Chicago.  Upon his return he discovered a vastly different and more populated Chicago country music scene then the one he left.   Not knowing if he wanted to assemble a band and venture onto stage again, Judy continued to write and refine his craft while playing the occasional, yet well received house concert.  

Finally in April of 2014 and with a personal desire and the prodding of fans and loved ones alike Judy decided to put‐together a band and reignite his career.  The fruit of this restart can be seen again for your dancing and listening pleasure at a club, hall or Honky Tonk near you!

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