The Lawsuits

Air Date: 11-06-14

Recognized as the City of Brotherly Love’s ‘crown jewel,’ The Lawsuits have secured their place in Philadelphia’s vibrant music scene. With a fearless approach to music, the group doesn’t follow traditional rules of genre, pulling inspiration from blues to reggae, Americana to gospel, to make a sound that is effortless and beautiful.

The band released their debut full-length album, Cool Cool Cool, in October 2013 to wide critical acclaim. Their sound has been described as “one that incorporates strong storytelling, crisply built up instrumentation, and heartfelt vocals. These components infused with an omnipresent energy create songs that creep into one’s head for the long haul.”

In Fall 2014, the group released Tumbled. Culture Collide describes the EP, "serving as the follow up to 2013’s full-length debut Cool Cool Cool, Tumbled comes packaged as a teaser representation of The Lawsuits' next release. They've found a way to seamlessly traverse indie-folk, feel-good pop, soulful classic rock, and bluesy Americana in four digestible tunes."

Whether on recording or live, the band delivers a genuine sound that takes listeners on a journey through their fine blend of art and craft, telling stories that are worth the experience.

Download: The Lawsuits

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