Scott Kenemore

Air Date: 11-15-14

I’m Scott Kenemore, the author of…

Four horror novels:

Zombie, Ohio (2011)
Zombie, Illinois (2012)
Zombie, Indiana (2014) [a CWA Book of the Year nominee]
The Grand Hotel (2014)

Four zombie-themed satires:

The Zen of Zombie (2007)
Z.E.O. (2009)
The Art of Zombie Warfare (2010)
The Code of the Zombie Pirate (2010)

One unclassifiable, found-document, epistolary thing (which Heeb Magazine nonetheless named a Best Book of 2011):

Zombies Vs. Nazis (2011)

And, with Franco Mercado, a war memoir:

Fallujah Heat (2012)

My short fiction has appeared in journals like Mudrock, The Owl, The Kenyon Review, and The Kenyon Review Online. My ribald limericks and haikus have appeared in Brocabulary (HarperCollins) and the Chicago Sun-Times. My essays and opinion pieces have appeared in Slate, Bedford + Bowery, Paranormal Pop Culture, the New York Times Local East Village, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Reader, PopMatters, and Rawk! Magazine.

My books have been translated into Chinese and Spanish.

In 2009, I was named to the advisory board of the Zombie Research Society. In 2011, I was admitted to the Horror Writers Association.

I am regularly invited to speak about zombies and horror writing at colleges and universities.

I play drums in the musical band The Blissters. I live in Chicago. I am a graduate of Kenyon College and Columbia University.

Third Person Bio For Lazy Reporters: Scott Kenemore is the author of the horror novels The Grand Hotel; Zombie, Indiana; Zombie, Illinois; and the bestselling Zombie, Ohio, as well as a series of undead-themed satire books. He is a graduate of Kenyon College and Columbia University. A member of the Horror Writers Association and the Zombie Research Society, Scott lives in Chicago and is the drummer for the musical band The Blissters.

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