Sterile Jets

Air Date: 01-14-15

Stoner Punk, Art Punk, “Rebel Noise Rock,” call it what you will, but there is no denying that the brand of caterwauling that STERILE JETS (SJs) produces is absolutely FUCK YEAH! Formed in year nine, after the break-up of Bass’r B. ILL’s former band Dynamic Ribbon Device, B. ILL set forth to start a band that would ultimately satisfy his artistic needs. He went straight to the to the Internet (Craig’s List to be more specific), to complete his conquest.

After a few revolving members, the band became the complete trio, it is now, in 2012. The lineup includes: Robert “Bly” Moore (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Wm. “B. ILL” Partnoff (Electric Bass/Vocals) and Matthew Bean... “Bean” (Trap Set). SJs self describes their unsettling sound as if Sonic Youth fucked the Velvet Underground and had an unruly Black Flag baby. Other influences for the band are Rudimentary Peni, McLusky, Ponys, Husker Du and Dead C. Also, the band has covered songs from Fang and Flipper. SJs also take influences from the literature and art scene, such as Charles Bukowski, William S Burroughs and Raymond Pettibon. Drawing from life experiences, dive bars, drug abuse and the absurd hypocrisies of civilization, SJs music has been described as original, jarring, loud, noisy and weird. The current incarnation of SJs have been gigging in Southern California for nearly a year, focusing on the Long Beach and Orange County areas. Venues the SJs rocked include Fern’s Cocktails (Long Beach), Harold’s Place (San Pedro), the defunct Puka Bar (Long Beach) and The 2010 OC Punk Rock Picnic (Irvine). Currently SJs are working on their debut album “Barlights at 2AM” for release early 2013. Until then, keep your ear peeled, that thunderous sound coming from your local dive just might be the mighty roar of Sterile Jets.

Download: Sterile Jets