The Dead Hands

Air Date: 01-19-15

The Dead Hands are an alternative rock band from the Chicago area.

In June 2013 The Dead Hands won WGN's Breakthrough Band worth a $10,000 recording at I.V. Labs in Chicago! They head off to the studio in November 2013.

The Following is from the August 1st 2013 issue of The Joliet Herald Newspaper.
Denise M. Baran a free lance writer for the paper interviews The Dead Hands.

“They just sounded different and that was pretty obvious during sound check,” said Tom Barnas, segment producer for Midday News. “Their vocals and their playing was tight. Their songs packed a punch. They just had this air about them.”

“It’s the only thing we have a good connection with,” Wilcox said. “We play from our heart and soul. Our name, The Dead Hands, means that we will never stop playing music until our hands die.”

At first, The Dead Hands concentrated on cover songs but after Wilcox shared an original he’d written, everyone wanted to focus their efforts on producing original songs.

“You can make good money playing covers,” Wilcox said, “but if you want to be known for your music, you have to play originals.”

The Dead Hands quickly recorded a music video and submitted it. Amazed, they watched it speed through the online viewer voting process to the Top Ten and then the Top Two.

Submissions came from all over the United States.

In 2012, the contest attracted a million hits on the web site, Barnas said.

“They put some camera onstage and said, ‘Play a couple of songs,’” Wilcox said. “They used clips from those songs through the news and they did some live interviews with us, too. It was pretty fun.”

Barnas could not stress enough the significance of winning this contest and he plans to bring The Dead Hands back on the air once they release their EP!!!!!!

Download: The Dead Hands