Angelique Anderson

Air Date: 01-19-15

If Etta James had met U2 in an outdoor café on a lazy day, you’d get Angelique Anderson. With a sprinkling of the blues, Angelique fuses her own brand of alternative rock and jazz with heartfelt lyrics to provide a backdrop for her soulful voice.

Although she performed in local talent shows, community festivals, and started a singing group with friends as a teen, she didn’t envision herself as vocalist early on. Instead, following the conventional wisdom with which she was raised, Angelique went to college and got a “good” job.
While doing the 9 to 5, a co-worker asked Angelique to front a local blues cover band allowing music to reappear in her life.

Though the band was short lived, it did provide her with an opportunity to appear on ENE Chicago Rock, a cable access show highlighting local talent and the chance to meet local artists who would encourage her to strike out and complete her own project.

With the support of family, friends, and a lot of personal experience on love, Angelique delivers her first solo effort with No Ordinary. Its soulful vocals give breath to stories of self-love, betrayal, loss, redemption and everything in between. No Ordinary isn’t just Angelique’s personal story, it’s our personal story. Its poetry shows that while we each have our own experiences, we aren’t alone in our feelings.

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