The Orions

Air Date: 03-28-15

The Orions are a Chicago based band formed in early 2014. The band got together after Federico Vargas (singer/songwriter) met Ahmed Forero (bass/ back-up vocals) playing locally at a park. The two shared a common interest in music, culture, and lifestyle. After jamming for about a year they decided to form a band and recruited Christian Ovalle (drums). After performing as a trio for a year, they met Philip Kubisz (lead guitar) after playing a gig at Chicago’s music venue Reggies.

Shortly after, he joined the band alongside Yeyzy Vargas (rhythm guitar). Inspired by Chicago’s Indie music scene and popular culture, they set out a goal to create music that has the potential to reach a mass audience, yet remain loyal to their roots by keeping the music authentic. They call their genre Alternative/Indie/Rock. They’ve recently recorded a self-entitled E.P. that contains 5 tracks. The Orions are currently continuing to innovate their sound and grow a fan following.

Download: The Orions