Femme Fatality

Air Date: 04-07-15

Femme Fatality is an electronic pop band based in Los Angeles, CA. FF assumed several incarnations since it's 2003 inception. The contemporary lineup is a collaboration between instrumentalist Shane Mongeau and group founder Bradley M Palermo. The two write, record, and mix their own records. Upholding a DIY ethic, they elude influence from the music industry at large.

The songs of Femme Fatality are dark in melody and focused on themes of misdeeds and wrongdoing. Femme Fatality's instrumentation is based heavily around the tonality of analog synthesizers. Mongeau and Palermo hand craft their own unique synth patches, never resorting to factory presets. Distorted guitars and acoustic drums are used for texture (although sparingly).

Femme Fatality is authority when it comes to creating spectacle in underground rock venues. Their relentless stage presence, tailored light show and 4 piece live band raise the pulse of their shadowy melodies. The current live line-up consists of Shane Mongeau (synth/vocals), Bradley M Palermo (vocals/synth), Andrew Roberts (drums), and Greg Soth (bass / synth).

Download: Femme Fatality