East Cameron Folkcore

Air Date: 04-09-15

Fear has many faces: It’s stirred up by the media to achieve higher quotas and print runs. It’s used in politics to restrict the rights of individual freedom. It’s not only virtual, it’s frighteningly real, it’s a misty veil that covers the planet and it’s a hole that opens up behind your garden fence. East Cameron Folkcore doesn't shout out cheap platitudes or rebelliously empty slogans against the system. They know what they’re talking about.

If the album “For Sale” was the key to open the door to the outside, “Kingdom Of Fear“ is the boot that crashes the door into pieces letting everything in: Light, Knowledge and truth, which are so glistening bright and obvious that nobody can be neutral and try to say: I didn't know anything, I didn't hear anything.

This phenomenal record is archaic and thought out, searching and pioneering, hollered and breathed, until, at the very end, the fear is drawing the short straw. The solution is called “Goodbye To Fear“, as difficult as simple. Shut down your computer, throw away your pills, stop believing everything that’s reported in the news. And foremost: No more curling up into a ball, hiding, retreating into the private sphere. Go out, open your eyes and do something. Look for like-minded people, join an initiative, announce a demo, start a blog. Or, another option: Listen to this record. That is, I have to admit, only a tiny little step. But a small step is better than nothing.

Download: East Cameron Folkcore