Girl Crush

Air Date: 04-13-15

The musical sound of the recording artist, Girl Crush, is both fun & fierce. Channeling both girl power & a flare for theatrics, Girl Crush is instantly recognized by a sweetness that sticks and a body that turns it up. Having honed her performance skills as a child in St. Louis, MO during recess performing Madonna, Cher, and The Spice Girls, she always had her heart set for the stars. Transplanting to LA, she has found to have always been a California girl. Tiny in size but vocally macho, her charisma shines through whether she is singing or rapping.

Girl Crush’s debut single, “Bow On It”, released in 2013 and instantly went viral from the goofy hot nature of her visuals and content. Think pop princess who could easily twilight as an SNL regular. Her follow-up single, “ Call Me Trouble” ft Kool Kids Ink artist, Lex Lu, released in 2014 with much anticipation from her fun-loving fans. In 2015, Girl Crush released her own remixed “Barbie Girl” cover and is anticipating her mixtape release in March 2015! Girl Crush owns any stage she conquers from LA’s Staple Center to the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Her voice & music has been heard across the globe from placements on ABC, Comedy Central, and Showtime.

Always high energy. Always fun. Always a girlie-girl. Girl Crush will grab you by the collar, kick you to the curb, and then offer you a cup of chamomile.

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