Desiree Cosplay - Crown Champions of Cosplay Finalist

Air Date: 04-24-15

Desiree Cosplay:  Throughout my life I've been an artist - channeling my creativity into a variety of different mediums including graphic art and dance. I've also been a lover of all things geeky since I was old enough to have interests! It was only natural that my creative side and my geeky side would eventually intertwine.

For many years I've longed to try cosplay, but didn't have the time to devote in order to create the high-quality costumes that would satisfy me. In the last year I have finally had a chance to begin dabbling in this awesome activity, and I'm happy to say I'm hooked. What better way to motivate myself to keep creating and bettering myself than to share my progress with others?

Download: Desiree Cosplay - Crown Champions of Cosplay Finalist

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