Lindy Vopnfjord

Air Date: 05-01-15

Lindy Vopnfjord:  Born into an Icelandic family in equally icy Manitoba, Canada, of musician parents, Lindy & his brother were on stage touring by the time he was 4. By the late ‘90s he started making music under just his given name, found greater success fronting the band Major Maker, who achieved commercial succeeds with 2007’s Rollercoaster. After taking some time off to start and raise a family, Lindy returned with the acclaimed Young Waverer, released in Canada in 2013, featuring the singles “The Limit”, which hit #1 on CBC Radio 2 and “Below The Canopy”, which hit #1 on CBC Radio 3.

Produced by Bulgarian born producer/composer/solo artist Todor Kobakov, Young Waverer is a soaring landscape of stream of consciousness stories about love and loss, alongside unique tales about his upbringing on the icy shores of Lake Winnipeg. The album was mixed by the Grammy-nominated John O’Mahony (Metric/Coldplay/U2) at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, with additional contributions from former fellow Major Maker bandmates, Thomas D’Arcy (ex-Small Sins), Stephen Krecklo and Ian LeFeuvre (Kathleen Edwards/k-os), plus John Obercian (Sarah Harmer), and Luke Doucet, whose band Whitehorse, Lindy will be supporting throughout North America.