Dahlia Revolt

Air Date: 05-01-15

Hear the sound of colors electric. In the cold of December, warm up with Dahlia Revolt’s fiery debut album ROOFTOPS AND GRAFFITI; an energizing stream of songs channeling the connection between life, love and art. Dahlia Revolt is a collaborative creation founded by songwriters Adam Reese and Mallory Miller. Upon their first meeting in October of 2013, Reese and Miller agreed to express unique and imaginative sounds through artistic music that encouraged self-growth, understanding and movement.

Working day after day in Miller’s basement studio, a strong sound took shape. With a combination of poetic words and memorable melodies with an electronic edge, Dahlia Revolt pushed this sound to the surface. With their inviting songs crafted, they attracted Chicago DJ and drummer Ryan McGinley. Together, the determined group steadily set up their live sound and after months of hard work and preparation, the sound of Dahlia Revolt is alive.