Fox & Cats

Air Date: 05-04-15

Hailing from Houston, Texas, emerging male/female rock two-piece Fox & Cats possess a certain charm. Formed by best friends Josh Willems and Nicole Wigginton in the summer of 2011 and with the band name stemming from an inside joke about Megan Fox and cats, the duo sport a sound described by vocalist and guitarist Josh Willems as "Nothing fancy, just deeply honest, straight-up rock & roll with emotion and passion."

With key influences and inspirations including Say Anything, Manchester Orchestra, and The Early November, drummer Nicole Wigginton explains the band's aspirations; "We're very ambitious as people and as artists. We want to take Fox & Cats as far as we possibly can. Artistically, we strive to create music that will appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners while staying true to music we love and are passionate about."

2013 saw the duo record their debut release with Kory Gable (Punchline, I Call Fives, Major League) in Atlanta. As songwriter Willems explains, "I wrote towards the EP for what felt like my entire life. I write because it's cathartic - if I can take a bad situation and turn it into a good song, then those feelings aren't wasted. I'm a pretty emotionally driven person so that definitely shines through in my lyrics. We both appreciate high energy in music, both on records and live, so that was another goal of ours with our debut release." ‘This Is Your Brain On Love’ is a 6-song whirlwind of emotions, with a distinctive sound that alternately conveys a full-band punk-rock sound and a minimalist indie-rock sound more reflective of a duo. The band is currently writing their first full-length and will be touring extensively throughout 2014.