Noahs Arcade

Air Date: 05-06-15

Noah's Arcade is Noah Gabriel, Chad Watson and Justin O'Connell. Individually each of these boys has been playing with everyone for years. They've cut their teeth on blues, rock, Americana, jazz...all that. They've done the driving and the work and got to know the hum of tires on blacktop and the endless ribbon of road that unwinds behind you with just as much unfolding ahead; learned to love gas station dinners and the drink tickets at the venues. You hear it in the way they play and that's just as individuals, just in pieces.

Justin's precise. He's put together and on the beat and hardworking and funny as hell. I mean, you do the job, but you do your homework. If you're gonna do it, do it right. That's Justin. That's not even enough: you don't just do it right, you do it right 8 times, then you got it. and he's brilliant, it ain't all study - he's got ideas for weeks: but first you know it then you play. He's friendly, honest, laid-back, and he's always on it. He's got this.

Chad takes chances. He's done his homework and now he's gonna experiment. The stage is his lab. Sure, he can lay it all out straight, but why? No one's worried he's not on time and can't do the job, noone. Hell, everyone calls him. Everyone. It's like "What? You need a bass? Chad." Then he sings and you're under the chair. He kills it. You'd take him home, now, but then he gets out a harp, seals the deal. Wicked.

And Noah? He's out front and he stole everything good from every guitarist you like...blues? Rock? Hendrix? Punk? It's there. He boils the whole thing down into something that's only him and he's on fire. He's clawing his guitar with his fingers and then this voice comes out of him. Howling, growling or angelic. You get chills. You're moved. And you're moved because he can write a song, man. I mean he writes five a week, it's like he's building a wall against the world with these words...and they're good. Damn, you're not supposed to write two incredible tunes a week, but he does it.

So individually they're fireworks. I mean formidable. But at some point they ended up on the stage together. Why not? They knew the same folks, split shows, it's bound to happen. So there they are on a stage and the whole room shuts up. Staring. They're playing some tune they didn't rehearse and they know most of the changes and they kill. It works. Somebody says "You gotta do that again" and it's nods all around.  Let's do it.

Together it's just power. It's even bigger than the players. There's these amazing songs and they're all behind them and they know the parts but it's somehow bigger than that...It's huge and beautiful and terrifying. You stare to see what happens next and one minute Justin's just killing you with some giant beat you're banging out on your leg and the next it's Chad with some break he steals in on and you're wondering who thinks like that? Then Noah's wringing every bit of love out of every note. You nod with it, then nod into it. The sounds. It's half roots, half rock, and the other half is something else all their own. You sit back, let it wash over you, order a Porter or a rye - something real with some weight. This is the Arcade.

This is their first time recording together. Dig it.

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