Lowland Hum

Air Date: 05-07-15

Daniel and Lauren Goans are Lowland Hum, a husband and wife folk duo from North Carolina. Part songwriter, part artist, the duo has crafted a multi-sensory performance experience that provides a fertile space to be present to their art and to a community of friends and fellow listeners.

In a day when interruptions, distractions and fragmentation are pervasive, Lowland Hum aims to address listening audiences as whole people, engaging their senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch, and inviting them to be present with one another for an evening. In order to accommodate the different ways people process information, the duo incorporates visual elements that frame the performance area, hand-bound lyric books and essential oil burners. The atmosphere created by these elements in combination with the musical performance draws the audience into the present for a shared experience of beauty. While they find themselves on stages of all kinds, house concerts provide an ideal setting because there is a sense of intimacy and community built into the spaces where people live. By adding their particular brand of hospitality, hosts of these events collaborate with Lowland Hum to share this unique experience with their community.

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