Justine Dorsey

Air Date: 05-12-15

Justine Dorsey:  I've been performing since I was a wee little thing, when at five years old I asked my mom "how people got in the little box". I meant the television. Don't worry, I'm a little bit brighter than that now.

So I started acting and doing musical theater. And over the years, I got to work on a lot of really cool projects.

But nothing compared to writing and singing songs.

I started writing songs when I started playing guitar. I was thirteen, fresh off the junior high scene, SUPER cool obviously, and I just loved writing and performing. That love has only deepened over the years. My EP "Under Construction" (which you can get on iTunes, hint hint) marked a turning point for me as an artist. I knew it was a good sign when, after hours upon hours of recording, I felt like no time passed at all.

I play shows all the time around OC and LA, which is just about my favorite thing to do. You should definitely check here for dates and come see me! I also have NEW MUSIC (jazz hands) to be released over the next few months… And then- gasp!- a shiny new album to share with you! I legitimately can't wait.

Also, because I'm really bad at writing bios wherein I talk about those things called Accomplishmentz, here are some cool things I've gotten to do:

-Be in the Sound of Music at the Hollywood Bowl
-Perform regularly in the American Girl Revue at the Grove in Los Angeles
-Act in the T.V. show Brothers and Sisters
-Win a Malibu Music Award
-Win the USA Songwriter Competition
-Eat an entire bag of Chipotle chips for breakfast
-Vacuum out my car yesterday for the first time in months