Air Date: 06-03-15

Machineheart:  Circles ventures into this whole idea about making the best out of your situation. It’s a reminder that when you face resistance or difficulty, you’ll want to have people around you who are going to remind you of what your intentions were in the first place. We wanted this video to show that even amidst lackluster surroundings, you can find the beauty and the strength to keep going; to keep pushing through.

People often focus on the end goal rather than the road you take to get there. We wanted to focus on the journey - slow and raw as it can be sometimes. It isn’t always with flashing lights and fireworks that you get there. Often times it’s with those around you who hold you up when you need holding, who remind you of who you are and who, on the darkest of day, can help you turn the black & white into hues of something brighter.