The Walk Slow

Air Date: 06-08-15
The Walk Slow are a rock soul band based in Chicago their music is a blend of pre punk garage rock and 60's R&B. The band was founded amongst the ruins of several other Chicago rock outfits by seasoned drummer Sonny Vee and Denver native Ryan Cochrane on guitar. Vee met Cochrane at a disastrous bar gig in late 2013 when the two musicians were playing in different groups. Vee was impressed with Cochrane's guitar style and animated vocal schemes and approached him to join up as a two pice power rock duo.

The idea of the duo faded fast when Vee contaced old band mate Darin Mullins to play bass guitar. Vee, Cochrane and Mullins were a trio for a few months going by the Moniker the Lunts. The three musicians had a strong love for 60's garage rock, British Invasion as well as Motown and Stax style soul music so a sound was being cultivated in the formative rehearsals as the Lunts. Vee then contacted another former band mate Joe Grez to come out to a rehearsal as a second guitar player in the hopes of getting a Ronnie Wood/Keith Richards kind of guitar weaving sound. The rehearsal proved to be a success but not with the Stones formula Vee was kind of looking for but it was a unique union of styles and a new band was born. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, from Chicago, The Walk Slow.