This Century

Air Date: 06-08-15

Forming in 2007, Phoenix, Arizona natives This Century have quickly become one of the more exciting pop/alternative bands to enter the scene. With their first LP release on Warner Bros/Action Theory entitled “Sound of Fire”, the band solidified their spot amongst the top tier of the pop/alternative circuit. Following the debut album release, AP Magazine named them one of the “100 Bands You Need To Know for 2011”. Their unique combination of energetic rock, anthemic melodies and a die hard grassroots fan base has continued to lead them to extensive tour dates and success both in their home country and internationally.

This Century has most notably seen a large rise in popularity in Southeast Asia, where their songs “Sound of Fire”, “Everywhere, Everything”, "Bleach Blonde" and "Skeletons" have all reached #1 on top 40 radio formats and continue to receive consistent radio attention. Now preparing for the June 2nd release of their third album, This Century's success continues with the album's lead single and title track "Soul Sucker" currently sitting at #6. Plans for 2015 will include a run of international dates in support of the new album and their recent success.