Jack Dean/Jake Shane

Air Date: 06-09-15

Jack Dean is a London based singer-songwriter. His writing style is influenced by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen while his live performances have been noted for his distinct vocal and stage presence. In 2014, he decamped to the mountains of Madrid where he sunk his teeth into symbolism, sacred texts and folklore.

Surviving on honey, local wine and the kindness of strangers he penned some of the best tunes of his life. In 2015, he has gigged extensively across London and has plans to cross the M25 in the near future.

Jake Shane grew up in Springfield, Illinois where he started collecting vinyl records with his father at age twelve—Hendrix led him to Dylan and Dylan led him to the recesses of the early blues and folk traditions. Jake received his B.A. in Philosophy from Belmont University in Nashville, releasing his Karamazov-inspired album, "Ancient Fire" (2012), to fulfill his Honors thesis requirement. After working at Oh Boy Records, he moved to Madrid, Spain.

Jake lived there two years, in which time he taught English, studied flamenco guitar and translated a book on the subject from Spanish. While in Spain he also wrote the songs to his forthcoming album, "Evening Sounds," which he recorded upon moving back to Nashville in September 2014 to pursue music full-time. His strong, image-driven lyrics explore the eternal questions through American roots music with Spanish overtones, forming a sound entirely his own.