Seek Irony

Air Date: 06-10-15

Seek Irony is a blend of Modern Rock and Electronica Dance music, best described by its fans as a mix between a full live rock show and a massive rave dance party.

Rising out of the burgeoning music scene of Tel Aviv, Israel, and recently taking the big plunge over the Atlantic ocean with full relocation to their new home base Austin, TX, USA.

The multi-cultural influences are evident in the band's music. Just like their homeland of Israel, it's music born out of the many influences and experiences of the individual band members into a cohesive and powerful blend of modern and alternative rock with an electronica twist and yet, it all comes together harmoniously, powered by meaningful lyrics and passionate melodies.

After 2 successful tour trips to the US and years of development and success in Israel, the founders of the band, brothers Kfir and Rom Gov felt that it was time to take things to a whole new level and move the band to the United States. The band had picked "The Live Music Capital of the World", to be their new home base in the US. As part of the band's relocation plan, band vocalist and leader - Kfir has started up a new Austin based recording studio called "Evil Snail Studios", which will be the band's new recording studios in the US.

Few months of intense search and the band finally welcomed on board new members:

Austin's local Grammy nominated and Progressive Rock Hall of Fame guitar hero Alex Campbell, Bassist - Adam Donovan who worked already as a live sound and light tech with KMFDM and Mikael Oganes - Pianist, Keyboardist and DJ to give that electronica edge.

New members fell in love with Seek Irony's original sound and immediately began touring all around Texas. They developed their live show into a vibrant and explosive performance featuring a full light/laser show and 2 female dancers in neon costumes making it an unforgettable experience for your eyes as well as your ears.

The band's debut album, titled "Tech N Roll", after the band's signature show-stopper - which had been featured on US national prime time TV on Fox Sports' "The Best Damn Sports Show" program - is a definitive showcase of the band's unique yet commercial sound and appeal.

"Tech N Roll" has been released independently Feb 5th 2015. The album's release was celebrated in front of a SOLD OUT crowd at the highly respected Red 7 venue in Austin, TX. Since then, Seek Irony's debut album has been collecting raving reviews all across the board. The band's first produced music video for their single "Devil In Me" was premiered on "Revolver Magazine" and got support from top peers as the notorious Motorhead shared and retweeted "Devil in me"'s video premiere through out all their social media sites. Following the video's succesful premier, Rom, the band's drummer was featured on Modern Drummer's online Vlog performing "Devil in me" at "Evil Snail Studios".

Seek Irony has performed over the years in Major Festivals in Israel like The Student Festival in Tel Aviv and Haifa in front of 15,000 people. Seek Irony had been a featured band at the official (SXSW) South By South West Music festival and conference 2014 and had shared the stage with major musical acts such as Filter, Tantric, 8 Stops7, Lionize and many more. Seek Irony has performed on the Project Independent Tour 2014, performing in a live broadcast online to over 2 million viewers around the globe. Seek Irony continues to tour, growing its audience and packing venues in multiple cities around Texas, soon to begin expanding to its neighboring states.

New members, new album, new music videos, unique sound, crazy live show and a bigger market to conquer. Seek Irony is ready to unleash its music upon the world.