Wet Ashes

Air Date: 06-19-15

Wet Ashes is an alternative rock band with an interesting blend of new wave rock with modern electronic influences. Currently playing venues in and around Chicago but are looking to tour with their new material released November 2014. The songs in their current live set list is part of a full pallet of emotions and sound landscapes. It includes 3 musical gems from their first EP: "The Mouse" is raw and powerful rock song but at the same time introspective and honest in its lyrics, "Enough" is thoughtful and mellow but presented in the perfect blend of rock guitars, synthesizers and electronic beats that will make you move. Finally "Tealights" a dark ride of experimental rock/ electronica achieved by blending interesting electronic beats a psychedelic electric guitar, a sultry acoustic and an elegant walking bass line.

The beginning of WET ASHES goes back to 2009, when Angel Soto presented a few of his compositions to Raul "Picho" Torres, soon the ideas between the two of them began to flow naturally and it was inevitable that Picho would produce and create the musical arrangements for Angel's songs. The formula was simple, Picho programmed beats, played drums, synths and hypnotic guitar riffs along with Angel's Vocals and Guitar. The resulting sound was so fresh and unique that it was worth putting a band together, later on WET ASHES was born. They hit the studios to create their debut EP "You'll Say Yeah!", on this process Picho invited bass player Yuri Gonzalez to collaborate and the songs suddenly reached another dimension. The Sound Engineering skills of Alejandro Lepe helped Wet Ashes' distinctive sound to reach superb quality, Alex also collaborated with guitars.

The fusion of vintage rock with electronica and Angel's cunning lyrics fired up a very interesting EP. You'll Say Yeah! was released through iTunes, Amazon and internet radio in June of 2010. WET ASHES noticed their sound was rapidly maturing and practically there was no break in terms of building their repertoire, they decided to add 10 more songs to have a solid touring material. The result can be seen in the new material contained in their second release "Acoustronic Tales" in which they incorporated Shaboomy Lozano, a very talented Guitar player who has been Yuri's and Picho's band member in other bands. Finally, Unum Zuniga was invited by
Picho to play Piano/ Synths in several songs and to contribute with other music arrangements.