Red Sun Rising

Air Date: 07-25-15

Red Sun Rising is a hard rock band from the Rubber City of Akron, Ohio. The band has grown a significant fan-base through-out the U.S. as well as Chile and the Philippines, since its formation. Ryan Williams and Mike Protich founded the band in late summer 2006. The two had never met until but a few months before the formation, although lived within a mile of each other for 15 years and attended the same high school.

"I met Mike at the Duke/Duchess gas station the was about the halfway point between our two houses at the time" -Ryan.

"When we started the band we decided that everyone would have to be open to constructive criticism and we would NOT put any stipulations on the songwriting. Meaning, if we like the way a song sounded then it stayed, regardless of what genre of song it was or if we thought it sounded like a Red Sun Rising song or not. We write music that we would love to listen to." -Mike

RSR spent the last several years playing as many shows as possible both locally and regionally. It did not take long before they were filling venues in Kent and Akron. Recently they have expanded as far as Texas when they played SXSW 2013 in Austin, TX. As well as playing shows they never stopped writing music and continually recorded new music. The band recorded independently between 3 studios including one Private studio in Akron, OH, Sound Emporium and OmniSound in Nashville, TN. With their recordings they made the investment of giving as much music away as they could. This tactic definitely helped spread the word about the band to a national level. Along with the first two albums came two full full production music videos done by independent film makers Thunder Down Country out of Columbus, OH. The videos created a viral effect that contributed to their 11,600+ likes on Facebook as well as create a very passionate, core fan base.

After many member changes, Ryan and Mike kept pushing forward until they added Tyler Valendza- a shredding guitar player that really added a new element to the band. Adam Mercer on drums and bass player Mark Matthews joined shortly after giving the band the most solid rhythm section they have ever had.

Taking much pride in the energetic and passionate live performance the band has found the perfect balance in their music that can, and has attracted generations of fans from the young and trendy to the more mature rockers from the 60's and 70's era. Lyrically RSR has managed to write music that is catchy as well as thought provoking topics from personal experiences to the general state of the world we live in.

"The band has worked very hard as an independent machine writing, performing, recording, producing and marketing ourselves to compete in todays industry to the best of our ability. We thrive on the hunt for new connections through networking and finding those opportunities that will further our careers. We never stop working." -Mike

Currently the band has released their newest music recorded at Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN and produced by Kevin Martin of the band Candlebox. The band will be touring heavily this year to promote the release.

Some accomplishments include: winning Cleveland's hard rock band of the year, appearing on such television shows as Fox Morning show, Channel 3 News and Random Acts of Music. RSR have also shared the stage with many other notable acts such as: Seether, Steel Panther, Cinderella, Collective Soul, Mr. Big, Candlebox, Shinedown, Chevelle, Sevendust , 10 Years, Puddle Of Mudd, 7 Mary Three and Taproot to name a few. With these shows and a steady amount of regional radio play, RSR's fan base has never stopped growing. In the past year Red Sun Rising has released two full length albums (Red Sun Rising) and (Making Of Kings). RSR has also released two full production music videos, live video and several acoustic videos. A quote from Chris Maduri, V.P. of C.B.S radio, "The band is tight, passionate, and not shy about who they are (straight forward agressive hard rock)."