Taking Hits Constantly

Air Date: 09-18-15

Taking Hits Constantly is an underground rap group consisting of Liquid G (Matt Griffin) and PassASpliff (Mike Drafke) based out of the South Chicago Suburbs. Their combination of new age beats, well developed lyrical talent, and explosive live performance makes them some of the most unique underground groups in rap.

They began rapping in 2006 and released their first mix Special Blend in 2007. After establishing themselves as a group they recorded and released their first EP Herb N Legends in the summer of 2008. Since then THC recorded and produced several mixtapes including Recycled, Complex Concepts, Hook'd Up, Loose Cannon, and Summertime Heat.

Through constant promotion and consistent stage performance THC has been able to get radio airplay, and perform over 30 shows in 5 states! Releasing their first full length album Molecule in the of summer 2011, Taking Hits Constantly continues to hold a strong force in Chi citys underground.

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