Jon & Valerie Guerra

Air Date: 12-30-15

More often than not, the most meaningful gifts are those generated from the heart rather than the pocketbook. Perhaps that’s what makes Jon & Valerie Guerra’s annual Christmas song cycle turned full-length “It’s Almost Christmas” project so special. In November 2011, we find the newlywed couple living in a cozy one-bedroom Chicago apartment. Given their starving artists status, they realized buying gifts for family and friends would practically be impossible.

As if their fiscal situation wasn’t distressing enough, the pair suddenly got struck down with an almost inevitable seasonal cold; rather than wallowing in despair, the duo resolved to get their creative juices flowing by recording Christmas songs in their home.

Jon & Valerie then posted the results of their holiday sessions online that very first year in hopes they’d raise just enough money to buy gifts. After unexpectedly finding an organic groundswell of momentum, they continued the Christmas song-writing tradition each following year, eventually ending up with the dozen Christmas songs that comprise the album.

Jon & Valerie Guerra’s “It’s Almost Christmas” throws a hat in the ring of old-meets-new, sentimental Christmas tunes with four heartwarming originals and eight standards, all recorded in the living room of that same one-bedroom Chicago apartment. They welcome you into their home, will most certainly give you a song sheet to sing along and a sleigh bell to chime, and wish you a merry, merry Christmas!