Air Date: 02-01-16


We all, as a society and culture, go through valleys in our life. Low points, that seem like we are lost. Whether it be addictions, struggles and circumstances from the past. Our name, that we stand behind, is there to positively remind, you grow through valleys.

Valleys started in the spring of 2013, and for the members starting out of the course of the year, they went on to open for bands such as Motionless In White, For The Fallen Dreams, Like Moths To Flames, Sirens & Sailors, Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, Hundredth, and Terror, molding through a few line-up changes, the band grew forming into the seven members they have now. Ranging from original members Brandon Clement(Bassist) and Mikey Clement(Dirty Vocals), along with Robert “R.J.” Riggle(Guitarist) and Robert Meikle(Drummer), the band recently recruited the likes and greatness of Jayson Hall(Clean Vocals), with Brandon Scurlark(Guitarist) joining the frontline on guitar.

Starting 2014, with the original members already having their seven song Ep out “Reborn”, new members joining, a few good shows under the belt, and a fan base which had been gradually expanding from the start, they went to work on their take over for 2015. From writing new material to honing in on there social networking skills, there goals were visible on the horizon.

Editors note:  Our deepest condolences to VALLEYS on the loss of their vocalist Mikey Clement, may he rest in peace.