The Cubes

Air Date: 03-01-16

The Cubes are back! After being gone for too long, The Cubes are back with a wealth of new material, a new CD and a new perspective, which can only be achieved by a history that goes back over 25+ years of playing together.

The Cubes were first formed in Chicago in the late 1980's. The founding members, Dave Toan and Rudy Lobo, worked through several permutations, of the band, before bringing in Kelly Lawson, on Drums ,and Bill Kavanagh, on bass, to complete current Cubes line up. The Cubes became well known, playing the Chicago club scene, for its solid repertoire of original material, strong musicianship and powerful sound. The sound that became "The Cubes" was, and is, an eclectic combination of musical influences, with an original and quirky twist, that comes from the quality of the song craft and Rudy Lobo's approach to guitar.

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