Safeguard is a newer Pop Punk band that formed a year ago in York in Northern England. They are gearing up to release their brand new album "I'm a Stranger To Myself" on December 1st. Sheila with Fearless Radio had a chance to speak to the band about the new album, tour dates, and more. Check out what guitarist Martyn Marsh had to say about Safeguard!

How did Safeguard originally meet? And how did you guys come up with the name Safeguard?

Myself and Zak had been in a band previously that had fallen apart but were still in contact trying to get another something going, then we found Declan through an online advert and he brought along his friend from a previous band, Connor, on drums and then Denholm joined a short while later to complete the line-up. We took our name from the ROAM song "Safeguard" by scrolling through our Spotify playlists and looking for cool names. But we also knew that they got their name from The Story So Far song "Roam". Maybe one day someone will name their band after one of our songs and the chain can continue!

What is the concept behind your new EP “I’m a Stranger to Myself”?
I guess the concept of the EP would be that you're not alone in feeling the way you feel. The points touched upon in the songs whether it being hiding your emotions, trying to fit in or dwelling on the past and unable to get on with your daily routine are common things although it may not feel like anyone understands you there is a lot of people who go through the same thing and I guess the EP just tries to get the message across that it's okay not to be okay.

Where was the EP recorded?

The EP was recorded at Steel City Studios in Sheffield with Drew Lawson.

Your single for the EP is “Harbour”, which has deep, meaningful lyrics. What was the concept behind this song?

"Harbour" touches on the way that you beat yourself up and put yourself down instead of trying to focus on having a positive outlook on things. Whether it be wearing a mask to hide your true self to others or feeling trapped within the metaphorical walls you've placed yourself within to block anyone else getting in.

How did you decide “Harbour” was going to be the single?

We had all pretty much agreed before we went in to the studio that it was going to be the single as we just thought it had the most "singly" feel to it, and this was confirmed by Drew (producer) who agreed that it should be the first single.

Are there any plans for an upcoming tour? Any dates in the US?

We're trying to get something sorted for early 2018 so check back for updates on that. Unfortunately we don't have any immediate plans for any dates in the US, although that is a bucket list dream of ours so hopefully we can get out there soon!

What are your plans for 2018?

Like I said, we're trying to sort a tour out for early 2018, then after that just try and play as many shows as possible in new places, play festivals, try and support some of the big bands in the scene, that would be a good year.

Where can fans get the EP, as well as information about the release show on December 3rd?

It's pretty much available everywhere you would expect to find music. Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and you can also buy a physical copy from our Victory Merch Store. The release show is taking place at the Temple of Boom in Leeds on 3rd of December with support from Numb Blood, Northshore, Layover and You Know the Drill so it promises to be a great night! You can get tickets from our bandcamp store


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