For those who’ve cruised down the road, you may recall the tolls that you've paid. I do not think one would disagree with Ansel, in calling this highway robbery; both a song and a strong inquiry. “Highway Robbery”, as Ansel sings, “…you can't get away, highway robbery, there is a toll, give us a break”. Equivalent to a promise that was never fulfilled, as the tolls were to be paid by citizens until the cost of the maintenance was gained. The versions are reminiscent of the 70''s and early 80's, Ansel Cridland and The Meditations continue to come forward in this 21st-century.

"No Duppy":

As the Meditations have worked with Bob Marley & The Wailers, Bob once mentioned that the Meditations sound was reminiscent of the Wailers in their earlier years. That characteristic observed by the late and great Bob Marley, has not been forgotten. As the tune that rounds out this roots EP, "Hold On To Faith", flashes forward. In a world of uncertainty and violence, in a time of stress, and in a time of distress; hold on to love, don't give up, don't give in.

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