decadesDecades are what happens when three kids who grew up on punk, ska, and metal discover the smooth music of the 70’s and 80’s, and the alternative radio rock of the 90’s. Though the band still embrace their roots, it was their mutual interest in the great pop songwriters and lyricists of the last 5 decades that formed Decades.

While on one of their frequent tours, the band are likely to be caught unapologetically jamming Phil Collins, Fleetwood Mac, or Steely Dan with the windows down, or singing their guts out to Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Eat World, or The Gin Blossoms. And obviously, Rush (Rush are the best band ever). Decades don’t see their love of mainstream pop as being antithetical to their underground credibility, rather they combine these influences to craft smart but catchy pop tunes with punk/rock sensibility. Fast and loud enough to get your blood pumping, yet with an ear for melody and harmony that even jaded indie kids can dig, Decades are currently working hard to share their sound with new audiences across the country.

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