Askultura is Miami's party band with punk rock, rumba, and ska in our loins. We like to drink big bottles of wines & beers with you! Come to a show and let's dance. BAILA gente baila.

In less than 4 fast-paced years the ever-evolving Miami, Florida rumba punk ska band Askultura has packed in 200 shows, 3 tours (2 to NY and Boston, 1 to NoLa), a dozen Florida mini-tours, 2 studio albums, 1 live album (recorded in Miami's legendary Churchill's Pub), 5 compilations (Europe, USA, South America), 1 successful Kickstarter campaign, and underground distribution across the world-our cd's are in Malyasia to boot!

Askultura's very original & unique sound bleeds thundering skate-punk with european melodies, dank ska with rumba-inspired breakdowns, and lively reggae set to fun lyrics dealing with conspiracy theory, talking blue skirts, procrastination, the brotherhood of clown-life, and of course, marijuana ("it's not just another legalize it song"). The crew is comprised of hard-working American, Italian, French, Okie, Ohioan, Cuban, Peruvian, and Dominican musicians touting voices and washboards, guitars and horns, drums and congas and keyboards, bad sleeping habits, and a desire to tour everyday of the year…except Mother's Day, when Asku puts on a special, secret sold-out acapella show for…your Mom.

2010's "You Stank, We Skank" sold 1,000 copies right quick; the only thing left to do was release a 16-song second album, this one aptly describing the Askultura's sound, breadth, and power: "Ten Strong Superpunk Reggae Rumba Fury". Allen Vose of SPOT Magazine wrote: "The adrenaline-breeding album “Ten Strong” encompasses a rhythmic blend of mischievousness tracks inspired by unpretentious perceptions that are guaranteed to swing your ass!" And I tell you something reader: everyone likes swingin asses.

To this day and forevermore Askultura's mission remains the same: spread the Asku gospel of positive, uplifting, and party-minded elements to all curves of the globe. This is the always-evolving, tireless and eclectic symphony that is Askultura. The spirit of the streets. The rumbling in your heart (or the turpitude of a fart) and the movement of your feet. The echos from home.

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