mattieldaddyshomeAtlanta's Mattiel recently announced details of their second album, Satis Factory, to be released on ATO Records on Friday June 14th 2019. The news came with a punchy new song and AMAZING video for "Keep The Change,"

Says frontwoman Mattiel Brown, “The video was created by Matthew Addington, Alan Sabir and myself. I had about four weeks to call Matt up, plan everything, find a location that would give us permission to film, source props. It was crazy, but a lot of fun. He brought in this amazing DP, Alan Sabir, from Calgary. Alan freehanded a lot of the performance shots and our script was pretty loose. This gigantic cement factory outside of Atlanta gave us free reign over the entire facility for two days - it kinda felt like running around inside a video game with all the tunnels, catwalks and passageways. And they had this amazing mint-green control room that hasn’t been changed since the early 60’s...It was a dream.”

Despite Satis Factory being recorded in exactly the same way, with exactly the same team behind their debut, the sound is noticeably different. Jonah explained that he and Randy “had a musical objective to try new sounds and ways of recording” to Mattiel’s first record but still “keeping lo-fi elements” to the new one. “We started working on Mattiel's first record with a dusty, cinematic, and garage rock feel to the music,” he explains. “Satis Factory has more stylistic diversity with the musical compositions and an increased level of intensity.”
Tracklist for Satis Factory:
1.   Moment Of Death
2.   Rescue You
3.   Je Ne Me Connais Pas
4.   Food For Thought
5.   Keep The Change
6.   Millionaire
7.   Populonia
8.   Blisters
9.   Athlete
10. Berlin Weekend
11. Heck Fire
12. Long Division

Co-produced by Randy Michael and Jonah Swilley and recorded in their native Atlanta, Satis Factory is the band’s second album but their first for eminent indie, ATO Records.

UPDATE:  Mattiel releasing new video coming up May 15th!  Check the Mattiel tour dates for more summer U.S. dates and  for the upcoming UK tour.  


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