BoozeAndGlory AsBoldAsBrassLondon’s working class Oi! band BOOZE & GLORY has announced details about their forthcoming full-length album today. The band will release As Bold As Brass on January 28th via Sailor’s Grave Records, which can be pre-ordered now at

Watch Booze & Glory’s new video for “Only Fool Get Caught”

BOOZE & GLORY suffer no curiosity towards anything but their tried and true brand of hook-laden, red-brick sidewalk stompin', Skinhead Oi! Rock 'N' Roll. They have no interest in detouring into awkward metal riffs, compromising mainstream tendencies or any other fraudulent leanings. BOOZE & GLORY stick to who they are, what they know, and what they love — working class Oi!

They herald their love of their favorite football team, West Ham United. They recant the tales of pub sessions with good friends and cold booze and the struggles of being a drinking man on a workingman's wage. And they tell the stories of friends gone wrong and life gone astray. Influenced by their English forefathers such as The Cockney Rejects, The Business and the 4-Skins, BOOZE & GLORY are poised to charge forward hard and far as the primary contemporary carriers of the British Oi! torch.

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As Bold As Brass Track List:
1. Off We Go!
2. Leave The Kids Alone
3. Down and Out
4. Waiting For Tomorrow
5. One of Them
6. Julie
7. Only Fools Get Caught
8. Sick of You
9. Farewell Goodbye
10. I Hope You Still Remember
11. Cock & Bull Story
12. We’ll Stick Together
13. Always on the Wrong Side (North American Exclusive Bonus Acoustic Track)

BOOZE & GLORY 2014 Tour Dates:
Jan 24 - Eindhoven, Holland (w/Razorblade)
Jan 25 - Liege, Belgium (w/Razorblade)
Feb 8 - Vienna, Austria (w/Saints & Sinners)
Apr 12 - Berlin, Germany (Punk & Disorderly Fest)
Apr 26 - Wroclaw, Poland (Tattoo Convention)
May 3 - Lille, France (Zikenstock Fest)
June 14 - London, England
July 26 - Waldlauberscheim, Germany (BOTS Fest)
Aug 8 - Torgau, Germany (Endless Summer Fest)
Aug 30 - Niedergorsdorf, Germany (Spirit Fest)

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