Joseph Aaron

Air Date: 07-12-13

Joseph Aaron is a rare musician whose talent and style have captivated audiences across the country. Aaron, a Virginia native, grew up in a musical family: “Growing up, there was always music playing in the background, there was always a piano, and there were always guitars around.”

Some of his earliest memories are of listening to the radio and then working out the tunes on the piano. Aaron is a self-taught musician, always pushing himself to move beyond the conventions of his instrument. Aaron writes and performs as a storyteller, collecting his inspiration from the charm, experience, depth, and ache of life. “Humanity shares so much,” says Aaron, “from our love to our hope to our indifference and brokenness. I try to reflect that in what I write and how I play.”

Aaron’s musical influences range from the singer songwriters of the 70’s to the stylistic nuances of bluegrass, jazz, and rock. He credits the piano of Billy Powell and lyrical prowess of Lynyrd Skynyrd frontman Ronnie Van Zant as his initial inspiration to write music, play the piano, and perform as a singer/songwriter.

As a teen, Aaron became more interested in playing guitar and took a hiatus from the piano for a few years, though he couldn’t stay away for long. After college, Aaron returned to his roots at the piano and joined The Eric Heinsohn Band; he later went on to play both as a solo artist and with pop piano-rock group TorchRed.

Today, Aaron sings and plays in a way that combines parts of soul, rock, and singer/songwriter, creating soaring melodies and heavy, rhythmic-based beats. Currently writing and recording his much-anticipated new album in Nashville with his signature style and soulful melodies, Aaron is clearly an artist to watch.

(Above, Joseph Aaron performing "September" live)

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