Terrible Spaceship

Air Date: 08-22-13

Terrible Spaceship rediscovers media from the past and resuscitates it into a modern music and video multimedia experience. Utilizing samples and live instrumentation for its original scores, the band has been described by the Chicago Tribune as "equally influenced by Danny Elfman, Portishead and Orson and H.G. Welles."

The band's first record, "Invaders: 1938," which tells the tale of the War of the Worlds as presented by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater company, is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

The second record, completed but not yet recorded, is "Zontar, the Thing from Venus." It's a forgotten ridiculous 70's sci-fi / horror film spun into a massive pseudo-electronic high energy dance party.

It's been called apocalyptic swing. Ambient synthetic horror pop. A terrifying story you can dance to.

It's Terrible Spaceship.

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