The Cruelty Party

Air Date: 05-02-14

Born of reflection, frustration, explosive catharsis and the common need to sling guitars on synthesizer weary bodies, The Cruelty Party came into being in the bowels of Parkdale in Toronto's slap-dash west side. TCP is the bastard love child of Alphonse Alixander Lanza III, who launched international electronic powerhouse Azari & III in 2009, signing to Island records UK, Modular Australia and Dim Mak amongst others.

As his role in AzIII became more that of satellite writer/producer and less touring personnel, his focus and ambitions gravitated towards a long standing desire to form a tight-knit band, a group that would chug and churn as a single entity and embody an all for one, one for all ethos in it's all consuming leap towards a collective career finality.

A small but fierce three piece embarking on a life's opus of renegade rock and roll. Laced with biting lyricism, indelible hooks and a euphonically chiming finish, the presentation is sharp, tight and gritty while maintaining a contemporary pop sensibility. All is hoisted on the classic building blocks of what came before, though echoes of the past haunt the current embodiment as stray wisps of familiarity, the holistic end result is all together soberingly fresh.

Alphonse wrote the majority of their premier material during a winter long reclusive fit of inspiration last year, and was first joined by newly minted bassist Andrew Rodriguez, who with Dave Fridmann of The Flaming Lips incarnated the Can-indie favourites Bodega. Drummer Sasha sealed the deal as the instant chemistry and commitment was glaringly apparent. After a year of clandestine rehearsing and recording, they emerged as an air-tight performance outfit with a brazen record of addicting mod-rock glory, replete with all the elements of a modern classic in its return to form and guttural function.

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