Air Date: 05-10-14

Comasoft is a pop rock band from Chicago. A lot of keyboards, a lot of jumping around and a LOT of sweet riffs. OUR NEW EP "Ropes on Fire" is done, with the lead single West Town featuring Anthony Bagnara from Makeshift Prodigy as guest vocal. We also tried something completely new this time around and that was to unplug all the machines and play some songs acoustically.

You'll hear 3 songs stripped down on this record, 2 of which might sound familiar to the old school Coma fan. We're beyond exited to get the ball rolling on this new chapter of Comasoft.

Comasoft is currently booking shows, playing everywhere their 20 year old van will take them and trying to rule the world. Join us in bringing rock-n-roll, general debauchery, and fun back.

The rest of the stuff you already know... Fog and lights and jumping around galore, come get sweaty with us, and bring your sister...

Download: Comasoft