Jared & the Mill

Air Date: 10-31-14

When we first started Jared & The Mill in the summer of 2011, we didn't have a clue where our sound was heading. Between our six band members, we had more than our fair share of musical influences. In truth, each of us were - more or less - invested in other musical projects, but it was our surprising ease in working together and our almost effortless friendship that made working together so enjoyable.

After one show together, we played another, and then another. And as things often go, we were quite suddenly on the local scene, playing alongside the band's of new friends and old throughout the Phoenix area and the state of Arizona. Over our first year together our music developed and molded into a sound we really can't - nor intend to - label, and our music continues to change to this day.

In 2012 through 2014 we were some busy fellas, building relationships with each other, our music and our fans. We started adding some new songs to our lineup, toured throughout the Southwest in California and New Mexico, and continued to play with local and national acts like Flogging Molly, Zac Brown, Barry Gibb, Boy & Bear, Run River North, Rick Springfield, Della Mae, Cake, The Killers, Y La Bamba, Joe Pug and Horse Feathers. It was exciting and a bit mind blowing to play on the same bill with bands we love and were influenced by, and we soon developed a love for traveling with each other and playing for crowds of strangers. The band has had some incredible experiences this year, perhaps the most significant being the excitement and joy of turning an unfortunate SXSW tragedy into a cheerful experience with a close fan of the band in her hospital setting

We are beyond happy with our current success to say the least, but we are hungry, hungry enough to allow no rest and continue our trek that is slated to take us around the nation once more and even further into the uncharted land north of the U.S. Border starting October. We're not only continuing touring of the new world; we are also exploring sound as a creative force and preparing a new set of songs to feature on an EP scheduled to release in February, followed by an album release after the festival season of 2015.

Western Expansion, is a record that speaks of where we have been, where we are now and where we are going. A few of our oldest tunes have made it onto the album alongside ones we composed only weeks before recording.

If there's one common influence on an artist's work, it's certainly the landscape in which he lives. Our music has been called, compared and regarded by a number of different names, and we've been influenced and molded by many different events and people. But more than anything, we'd like to think that some shred of the Southwest - our home - can be found in the heart of our music. We're all born and raised in the state of Arizona after all, and we truly hope we can to do our state proud. Playing with a band, traveling till your boots blow out and recording in the studio are labors of love, often as rewarding and joyful as they are taxing and we thank you for joining us on our journey.

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