Unmanned Ship

Air Date: 01-07-15

Local fixtures UNMANNED SHIP are back at it with a brand new 7” that picks up right where 2012’s “For Whom the Bowl Tolls” (Rotted Tooth Recordings) left off. Vets of the thriving Chicago psych scene, UNMANNED SHIP, delivers a driving stoner groove so heavy, they don’t need bother with lyrics. Their sound fluctuates between stoner sludge and repetitive, driving krautrock glory.

Crystal Pepsi, the a-side of their brand new 7”, clocks in at 5 minutes and 42 seconds of krauty sonic bliss. This perfectly repetitive jam is an all out assault on the senses, leaving one feeling like they have just gone to Jupiter and beyond the infinite. The relentless, up tempo drums and bubbling bass line are a perfect compliment to the spacial guitar and cornucopia of oscillating loops. Not to be overshadowed, the b side, Pad Thai Fighter starts off as a desperately heavy stoner doom jam and then ebbs and flows between said sludge and and down tempo flowery psychedelic wanderings. This 7” is catalog # mp-52, is pressed on randomly colored vinyl and is limited to 300 copies.

No stranger to the empty bottle stage is VAMOS, who are known far and wide for their no fucks given blend of punk and hard psych. Their most recent offering on Maximum Pelt is Midwaste, 4 deliciously dark tracks that shows off a massive leap in songwriting and sound. The 6 minute Howl is dark and heavy, full of trippy guitar tones and killer tempo changes. VAMOS has been lighting up stages around the country for years now and have cemented their place as one of Chicago’s best live bands.

A.M. STATIONS is proud to be releasing their debut cassette, Tacoma, to the world, and the world should be very grateful they are! Singer/guitarist Bill Tucker released 2 brilliant punk tapes in 2012 (Punk Fills, Sad Bad Mittens) that left everyone clamoring for more. Those in the know will be thrilled with what they find on Tacoma. The album opens and closes with the chillest of jams, subtle and lyricless, featuring beautiful post rock-esque guitarscapes and eerie feedback. Songs like Silver Drugs & Feel My Head take you back to the golden era of 90’s indie rock and remind the listener very much of the off the cuff nature and pop perfection achieved by the likes of legends such as Guided By Voices and Yo La Tengo. The infectious nature of the jangly indie punk mixed with the earnestness in Tucker’s voice will surely make this a tape you play over and over again. This cassette is catalog # mp-55 and is limited to 100 copies.

Opening up the night is HOUSE SOUNDS, who over the years have quietly released 2 immaculate full length cassettes bursting with perfectly crafted tunes . These cool customers draw influences from across the board to create their unique blend of post punk, art rock and cow punk. Known on stage for their instrument switching and experimental tendencies, House Sounds may sometimes fly under the radar, but hear them once and your life just might change forever. If you haven’t yet, check out their latest album Interrobang, a full length cassette chock full of obscure time signatures, studio tinkerings and that je ne sais quoi attitude that make House Sounds one of Chicago’s most interesting bands.

You’ll be able to catch all these great bands and purchase the new releases Saturday January 10th at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. The show is 21+ and is 8 dollars or free with R.S.V.P. The Unmanned Ship record in currently available to pre-order at http://maximumpelt.bigcartel.com, the pre-order package comes with a special limited edition cassette of a live jam they recorded to a private audience, the run of said cassette is limited to pre-order only.

Download: Unmanned Ship

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