Borrow Tomorrow

Air Date: 02-21-15

Borrow Tomorrow is a rock and roll band from Indianapolis. For the better part of a decade, we’ve been enjoying the ups and battling the downs that accompany chasing one’s dream. We’ve got our right-of-passage band stories–the drunken nights, the broken-down vans, the incomparable rush from stepping onto a dark stage before an anxious audience. We’ve laughed and cried, loved and lost. As we grow older and do a bit of growing up, we’ve been taking stock in our lives, both as individuals and together as a group of brothers striving and sacrificing for a common goal: to make our dreams come true.

If our story seems familiar, perhaps it’s because in many ways, it’s no different than yours. There are peaks and valleys, good days and bad, new characters enter, and old favorites depart, but the goal is always the same. We’re searching for what makes us happy, and fighting each and every morning to get one step closer.

Our music SAYS a lot about us, and a lot about how we see the world and our place in it, but it’s not ABOUT us. It’s about the time your Dad gave you a piece of advice you’ll never forget, or the first time you saw the person you’d marry years later. It’s finding your footing after a broken heart, and honoring a fallen friend to whom you weren’t able to say goodbye. In other words, it’s the laundry list of things that defines all of us as people, and how, armed with this evolving knowledge, we relate to everyone else walking around on this crazy planet.

We invite you to listen to the story the music tells, not because we need the affirmation, but because you’ll undoubtedly find your place in the pages.

Download: Borrow Tomorrow