Air Date: 04-14-15

Ambience:  What's up everyone!? I'm Steven Santoyo, but I also go by Steven Saturn. I'm 20 years old and currently attending Columbia College Chicago for a degree in audio design & production. I've been a musician for nearly 8 years and involved with production for about 6 years. I play guitar and drums mostly but also dabble with singing, keys and bass. The two DAW's I'm most experienced with are Cubase and ProTools, with Cubase being my priority.

More recently, I've found that I also love electronic music and the process of production; this led me to pick up a pair of CDJ 800's with a DJM 600 and begin DJing. Although I'm fairly new to the culture of electronic music I absolutely love it and plan on making many original tracks and remixes of songs. I go by the name "Ambience" so be sure to check out my stuff and share it with everyone you know, I'll be sure to return the favor. Thanks! :)

Download: Ambience