The Maine

Air Date: 04-24-15

Arizona indie-rockers The Maine announced today that their upcoming full length album American Candy is set for release via 8123 on March 31st 2015. This will be their third independent release. The choice to go independent came after the decision to part ways with their major label in 2011 in an effort to retain their musical integrity in their artistry.

Along with the release date announcement, the band are teasing fans with an audio taste of the record - in the form of their first single, “English Girls” which dropped worldwide in digital form today. Vocalist John O’Callaghan says the decision to launch this as their first single was strategic. “‘English Girls’ represents the overall groove of the album. The track is light and is a good indication of what listeners can expect from the accompanying tracks,” he says. “A sort of innocence resounds throughout it that to me is reminiscent of our headspace in years past.”


The Maine’s previous full-length release, 2013’s Forever Halloween, was often described as the most somber record in the band’s discography (as the title alludes) and tied to some heavier themes. In acclaim for Forever Halloween, Alternative Press Magazine wrote, “don’t let the album’s dark overtones scare you away….The Maine have written another impressive album, proving once again they’re a damn good rock band.”

American Candy is the product of time spent in the studio working with producer Colby Wedgeworth (The Maine’s 2011 release, Pioneer). Not a band to get caught making the same album twice, O’Callaghan states, “the sheer fact that we recorded it with Colby Wedgeworth creates the easy sonic comparison to Pioneer, but we've learned so much about our approach and tastes that I believe it stands alone in our catalog just like all the rest.”

The sound on this upcoming album has a different, more upbeat energy to it than Forever Halloween. It combines fresh pop undertones with the signature rock and roll vibe the band have honed in on over the years. The influence could be explained by the ages of the band members - all of whom grew up in the 90’s listening to music from that era.

Looking ahead to the album release, O’Callaghan states,”I believe this record has birthed a rejuvenated and optimistic outlook on life that we can only hope is evident and contagious within the 8123 family.”