Nasty Snacks

Air Date: 06-12-15

What's a Nasty Snack, you ask? It's Tom Selleck standing under a waterfall with a saxophone, eating a ham sandwich. It's Scooby Doo gnawing on a pair of rawhide drumsticks. It's that nasty groove brought to you by nine members of a Chicago funk movement that cannot be stopped! Drawing from influences such as Kool and the Gang, Lettuce, Roy Hargrove, Earth Wind and Fire, and Tower of Power, the Snacks have proven to showcase an explosive, horn-driven, pocket-slamming performance at each live show. With a chaotic balance of R&B grooves and freaky horn melodies, the Snacks have developed a sound acclaimed by most as "just nasty!"

Nasty Snacks is a collective of musicians from various musical projects featuring vocalist Catherine Poulos (From Tha 99), guitarist Ryan Gac (Soul Vendor), bassist Martin Farrelly (Soul Vendor), guitarist Colin Fahey (How Far to Austin), drummer Steven Rutledge (Woo Park), trombonist Alex Wasily (Hip Trip), trumpeters Scott Hoecker and Caleb Mitchell (Soul Vendor), and saxophonist Sean Packard (all-around badass).