Dual Styles

Air Date: 04-10-16

Dualstyles started in late 2005 with singer Bryant Brown and rapper MarKellz. The band would later grow to shape its sound around heavier tones of rock music and other various genres such as hip hop and electronic music. Dualstyles is currently preparing to release an EP titled Time to Prevail on January 15, 2014 showcasing various songs that have gardened them notoriety in their local music scene.

In the beginning the band went by the title Contrast. Until 2006 after coming across other bands with the same name, it was time for a change. The title Dualstyles had a literal and straight forward meaning of what the band was and does. After making a few demo tracks in 2006 the two put together an EP titled Kiss n’ Fly containing the band’s earliest work. Later that year Bryant met with Mickey Grayer (aka DJ Two14) in high school. At this point Mickey was already establishing himself as a DJ. So when Bryant asked DJ Two14 to join Dualstyles it was the start of good things to come. In 2007 the band wanted to conclude their senior year in high school with their first independent album From Past to Future. It was around this time Mickey introduced guitarist Thomas Hardy to the band. With Hardy's talents the band forged the song Perception which became one of the bands most popular songs. Dualstyles finished production of their album at Bryant’s project studio and released it in July of 2008. Since the limited release of that album, Mickey and Bryant have been working on establishing their production company ILbeatz Productions by working with other local artists. However, due to lifestyle conflicts MarKellz and Thomas had to drop out of the band. Time passed and it wasn't until the beginning of 2010 that Bryant’s youngest brother Brent Brown officially joined as the drummer. The creative force between the now three members (Bryant, Mickey, and Brent) would prove to be immense.

Later that year in the fall, Brent started developing his producing skills by composing a number of tracks. He brought to the attention a song he wrote called Seven, a metal track that fused the sounds of electronica and dance, to Bryant and Mickey. This was soon to become a stable in the new sound Dualstyles was shaping. The songs Whole, Nothing Left, September, and Built to Survive were produced along with Seven and were scheduled for release in late 2011 as the Time Will Tell EP. The band took time while in production of the EP to pull a full line up together. Through these efforts another sibling of Bryant’s, Blake Brown offered to join the band as a guitarist. Blake soon introduced his friend Charles Hopson (aka Chocolate Thunda) a skilled and versatile bass player just what the group needed. Now a proper band was in place Dualstyles was complete. A diverse sound, unique look, and appeal was sure to garden them attention when they landed their first live performance at The Elbo Room in Chicago on September 27, 2011. Since then the band has gone on to play venues in Chicago like Congress Theater, Abbey Pub, and Hard Rock Cafe to name a few. After some minor success the band was offered a chance to professionally record their song Seven in Ohio for a broader release. At the same time, as fast as the opportunities were coming, so were the challenges. So due to Mickey's advances in his acting career he was forced to part ways with Dualstyles. Mickey was a key member in the sound the band had built so with his departure a replacement would be hard. In 2013, needing a second vocalist, Bryant turned to a friend named Aerin Kein he had met while attending Harold Washington College back in 2009. After an audition it was clear AK would bring something very interesting to the table. Bryant and Aerin began working closely on new material as production of the new EP Time to Prevail nears its due date.

Dualstyles has proven to itself and others that they are more than serious in their career. They are determined and have a vision and they will see to its conception. "There ain't a style in this world we won't duel with." This is a quote about taking in the world around us and filtering it in a way that connects us all. This is what they do best. There is always a message or observation in every piece of Dualstyles. Looking for the better side of things however dark it may seem. If this is a notion you can understand and respect please contact us by signing up to the DS mailing list found on the home page or send us a message to let us know what you think. Let friends and family know what's real and check out Time to Prevail on January 15, 2014.